Marfa guide Day 3

March 13, 2017

Welcome to day 3 of Marfa – well, to be accurate, today is mostly spent in Alpine, the neighbour town where we Airbnb’d at. Alpine is unsurprisingly tiny in an adorable walkable way. The most important and exciting task today is to hike the Hancock hill behind Sur Ross University to look for the abandoned desk on top of the hill.

Desk on the Hill

Story is, a few students carried an abandoned desk all the way to the top of this mountain, left a notebook and pen for visitors to leave their marks. How spontaneous and creative!

How to get to the mountain: park at the back of Sur Ross University, find a metal bench at the bottom of the hill and start hiking up from there. Don’ t need to remind you to look back during the hike to take in the expansive view — something about the minimalistic plain fields makes the experience quite meditative. We even spotted a family of deers on the way, mom, dad, and 2 baby deers!

I will say that the desk was damn hard to find. It took about 30-40 minutes since we started to finally spot a tree with a broken bicycle and a few steps further the desk revealed itself. Past the brief frustration of not knowing how much further we should attempt, it was quite a sense of accomplishment to finally find it, sitting on the cliff facing a golden plain field. Definitely one of the most unique and unexplainable travel experiences to have.


Cedar Coffee SupplyΒ is a must-visit in Alpine, not just for the stylish decor and lavender infused lattes, but also for the TYPE. From the menu to the apparel merchandise, the type was completely on-point.

Chubby round sans-serif letters, loose spacing, symmetries, and even vertical text – was so busy admiring that I almost left my latte to turn cold.

Bye Marfa!

Thanks for the charming memories. You’ve been an absolute gem.

. F Β i Β n .

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