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    Sunrise & Free Mind

    September 28, 2016

    The week before school starts, we took this workation to Cancun – 30% work for client and 70% play for ourselves. It’s certainly one of the perks of running your own business (albeit a small one), to have the flexibility to balance work and play. I realize that company info-sessions are happening back to back at school during this week, including companies on my target list. And frankly it didn’t bother me much, I mean, I wouldn’t trade this sunrise with anything else.

    Lesson for a Fresh Start

    In fact, if there’s one key thing I learned after first year of MBA, it is being confident and decisive about what I want and don’t want. Quality over quantity always. There is no way that you can do everything and excel in everything in context of a large supply of talents. I’ve certainly learned to understand my personal areas of strength and invest in further developing those strengths, rather than trying to accomplish everything and be mediocre in all. Great leaders are not necessarily the best in everything, but are great at winning the loyalty of talented people. And with that fresh mentality, let’s enjoy some sunrise ;).

    I’m pretty proud of this #nofilter phone photo. The remaining are credits to my talented photographer Eric.





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