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    July 17, 2016

    I had meant to make my yearly traditional post about birthday reflections back in June. A bit bummed that I didn’t keep the tradition this year, but hopefully this will make it up a little.

    This year’s lessons to self…
    1. Do everything with passion, or don’t do it.
    Yea it sounds a bit black and white or binary (and this surprised myself because I’m usually a non-absolute, grey sort of person). But frankly, the result for something done with passion and without will always be very obviously different. And if you had chose to spend your time on something, even if it is unwillingly, you had chose to do it for a reason so make that reason worthwhile and do it with passion. There’ll be new, unexpected things learned along the way, because you’d be more observant.

    2. Observe, reflect, and still don’t judge
    The conclusions you make about people or things are almost always biased and informed by pockets of intuition from previous life experiences. To stay objective and have a complete and accurate view, keep observing and don’t make judgements prematurely.

    There, short and sweet.

    I should have a lesson #3 about “don’t make excuses” but then I couldn’t give an excuse for my MIA status. Besides the new work which I’m loving, I have given my weekends helping the bf with photoshoots, and sales meetings. Besides the hours, I can’t really complain since I’m always in touch with my 2 favorite things: flowers and coffee. (Photo above is from Baka Gallery cafe, and bottom is from last weekend’s shoot).