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    Paris in 7 days – Day 6 Loire Valley

    March 23, 2016

    Probably the most anticipated day of the trip: castle shopping…I mean hopping… in the surreal Loire Valley. Nestled in this beautiful landscape are a few hundred castles and vineyards, including the resting place of Leonardo Da Vinci in Amboise. Do yourself a favour and go with a mini-van full-day tour, inclusive of a witty guide who will drive you in a comfortable van of 6 people for a guided tour to 3 castles — a fulfilling day trip that doesn’t break the budget.


    11:00am: Chateaux Chenoceau

    Famous for its gorgeous arched bridge over the cher river, Chateaux Chenoceau was a gift from King Henry II to his mistress Diane, who commissioned the construction of the arched bridge. She also landscaped the garden (aka. front yard) of the castle. When Henry II died, his widow Catherine took the castle out of Diane’s hands and planted her own garden (aka. the other front yard). Nonetheless, lucky for us we are blessed with 2 beautiful and distinctly different style of gardens. The miles-long driveway towards the castle also houses a whimsical maze that’s reminiscent of a scene from the Harry Potter movie. Stay tuned for the next 2 castles.








    A note on life (& hiatus): the past few months were filled with 12+ hours-in-school-days and multiple-caffeine-refill-days. These long (and fulfilling) days required certain sacrifices such as sleep, and unfortunately, maintaining this creative corner of mine. Excuse “day 6” being divided in parts for now, there’ll be more castles to follow!
    Photos by EricCheng Photography and Delicate.affairs